Shocking Incidences on the Rise as Another Woman is Found Dead

Sign depicting area out of bounds for the public
  • The body of a middle-aged woman was found lying in a pool of blood
  • The incident occurred in Naivasha town
  • The woman is yet to be identified
  • This comes just a few weeks after Kenyans held demonstrationSign depicting area out of bounds for the public against the rising femicide cases in the country

The body of a middle-aged woman was discovered naked and with a knife slit across her throat in a hotel room in Naivasha. The knife believed to have been used in the murder as well as a cell phone believed to belong to the suspect, who is still at large, were found by the investigating police.

Naivasha sub-county police commander Stephen Kirui said that the couple checked into the hotel located along Kariuki Chotara Road hours before the body was discovered. Staff members on duty discovered the woman’s body after noticing that the room was unlocked and the bedding soaked in blood stains.

Mr. Kirui argued that “From initial investigations, the victim was not sexually abused, but the killer using a sharp knife which we have since recovered, slit her throat before fleeing.”

He further stated that detectives were now looking through a cell phone found in the hotel room as part of their investigations.

This sad incident comes barely a week after the body of a pregnant woman who had been strangled and dumped along Moi South Lake Road in the town was discovered. Although her fingerprints were taken by the police for identification, the woman’s body is still lying unidentified in the mortuary at the Naivasha sub-county hospital.

In another incident in the same town, residents of Kayole Estate are attempting to come to terms with the death of a young man, probably in his thirties, who committed suicide in his home under mysterious circumstances. The man’s lifeless body was discovered by his wife hanging from a double-decker bed in the children’s bedroom.

The incident was confirmed by the OCPD, who also stated that as part of their investigations, they had since collected the body and opened an inquest file. The OCPD added that “The wife and other witnesses have provided a statement, which the investigating authorities have documented despite the numerous allegations.”

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